Jason Saville
Jason Saville

     Jason, a member of the Director’s Guild of America, is a Production Manager Line Producer working in film and television production.

    After UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television, Jason began his career in independent films, music videos & commercials.  A graduate of the Assistant Director’s Training Program, his has a wide range of production experience with a focus on network television.  For “Seinfeld”, his team was awarded Outstanding Achievement by the Director’s Guild.

    As VP of Production at Touchstone Television, Walt Disney Studios, Jason had oversight of comedy and drama production over three seasons.  He transitioned studio comedy production from film to 24P Hi-Def video; negotiated studio rates with vendors; provided Production Manager services; audited and updated studio production policies;  created ABC’s Production Associates diversity training program & served on Board of Directors for Streetlights Production Assistant Program.

    Jason was involved at the beginning stages of an independent feature doc, “Who Killed the Electric Car?”   The film, which began as a labor of love, grew into a sensation.

    More recently Jason was Production Manager on “Happy Endings,” “Welcome to the Family”, “Marry Me” & the upcoming Shonda Rhimes production “The Catch” for ABC.

    Jason is always on the look-out for the next productive collaboration.  For a complete list of credits, check the links in the left hand column or click HERE.

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